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Cruising in Seraffyn

Little Book of Belief - Francis S. Collins Another great book by Lin and Larry Pardey...

Who are Lin and Larry Pardey?
Only one of the most famous cruising duos EVER! Their motto is: Go simple, go modest, go small, but go!

'They have sailed over 185,000 miles together, having circumnavigated the world both eastabout and westabout. They have also sailed westabout (against the prevailing winds) past all the great southern capes, including Cape Horn. Larry built the two boats they used for two circumnavigations... Both boats were under 30 feet and were designed by Lyle Hess. Neither boat had an engine (except for an outboard on the dinghy which they carried on board Taleisin).... Together they have written eleven books and created two VHS tapes and four DVDs.'(wikipedia)

Topics Covered
This travelogue covers seven years of their adventures from California to Central America, Panama, Columbia, the Caribbean, back up to Virgina, USA and then on to England - a final destination that was chosen at the toss of a coin.

The Best Part
Lin and Larry are first rate narrators, picking out careful details to make their descriptions of the places they visit come alive. They also explain in detail their philosophies regarding boat design choice, boat maintenance and repair, some storm tactics... and life.

Their unique perspective has made their fascinating life possible. And it is a FASCINATING life!

I wish I could have been there.... and I wish my life turns out to be half as fun as theirs!

It's a classic. I have read some of their 'how to' type of books for cruisers (eg Capable Cruiser and Self Sufficient Sailor) and had avoided their travelogue type books. I am so glad I picked up this one.

It had enough 'how to' knowledge in it to satisfy... and I realised that it's quite inspirational to read a well written travelogue. And this was certainly inspirational.