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The Reluctant Mariner

The Reluctant Mariner - Joanna Hackett Topics Covered: This travelogue covers the circumnavigation of an Australian couple, Joanna Hackett and her husband, Lindsay, through 37 countries over 5 years.

The Best Part: Hackett's writing style is addictive. Her relentless dry sense of humour and determination to portray the mundane to the quirky from new angles makes you reconsider your assumptions about... just about everything.

Her understated approach to what must have been insanity-inducing immigration and border control bureaucracies made me smile and smile. If I thought I'd already seen some pretty challenging border crossing situations myself... well, I clearly haven't seen anything yet.

Informative. Also balanced. Joanna was also quick to highlight moonlit nights aboard and truly magical meetings with people, flora, fauna and places.

Wishes: Perhaps I haven't grasped the real purpose and meaning of a travelogue but I did long for some kind of red thread running through this narrative. Something to work towards so I knew how far along in the tale I was. I like a plot arc. I did get the feeling that new places unrolled endlessly before me. But maybe that's what travelogues are about.

Conclusion: Been there. Done that. And glad I bought it. Would definitely buy it again.